Best AP U.S. History Review Books

Studying for the advanced placement exam for U.S. history can be a daunting task because of all the memorization one would need to do. For some, they take months to prepare so that they can remember important dates, significant people, and historical events over the short but rich history of the United States of America. It is definitely not a walk at the park to pass and get a 4 or 5 mark in the annual AP exams. However, it can be done with the help of proper preparation and the right materials.

Just like the rest of the AP exams, the AP U.S. history test consists of two sections. The first section includes a multiple-choice section that will determine the student’s skill in associating events with places and people. The second section includes questions in short-answer format, and a document-based essay. With the recent changes that has been done with the AP U.S. history tests, it is clear that simply memorizing will not suffice.

In order to get the mark needed to receive college credit for the class, ample preparation is key. But how should a student even prepare for an exam like this? Some students go to tutoring sessions and take part in workshops to test their skills and knowledge to determine whether they can pass the exam or not. On the other hand, many would prepare by purchasing AP US history prep books to extensively study.

When it comes to choosing the best US History review book, without a doubt, Barron’s AP US history prep books have all the important information that will guide the student to get the mark that they need. Barron is a publication company of AP review books that have been putting out the best US History review book for the past several years and they have accumulated a strong and trustworthy reputation.

What makes Barron’s AP US history prep books stand out among the rest is its attention to detail. Every single concept that can be possible tackled in the exam will be covered in the pages of the review book. It is all up to the student whether to take advantage of this opportunity and thoroughly study the book. Furthermore, they are updated with the recent changes made in the AP US history exams, making them the best possible resource material to study from.

Barron’s AP US history prep books includes two full-length practice exams that will sharpen the mind and skills of the student so that they can pass the exam. With the new changes, students are given the challenge to explain events in an essay format and practicing with this review book will make it a relatively easy task. As long as there is dedication and diligence coming from the student, getting that 4 or 5 mark can be done.

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